In this section of our website, I would like to present to you what Chai Discus has achieved in the past two years.
Our Discus like the Super melon and Web Leopard has won numerous top prizes in local and overseas competitions.


4th Discus World Championship 2002

Our Web Leopard received a Grand Champion prize during event in Duisberg! There were a few other prizes won by Mr Chai's fishes too.

1st International Discus Championship 2002

We won Singapore's first Grand Champion award overseas and not only that our Discus was also the Best of the Show! A great achievement to be proud of!

1st France International Championship (2002)

Our Web Leopard won 1st in it's category and our Golden Melon grabbed the 2nd spot.

South East Asia Discus Competition 2001

In Taiwan, we won the Grand Champion crown!

4th World Champion 2002

On an international stage held in Germany, our Melon Red won 1st and the Web Leopard came in 2nd.